The Whelk – John Leavitt

June 21, 2009

I’m thinking a pop-y 60s beat myself.

Filed under: Lyrics Without Music — John Leavitt @ 6:38 pm

“Racist Grandma”

My family is pretty hip – Au currant and with it.
But there is one member who’s thoughts we dread
when she speaks we all go red

O Racist Grandma! Racist Grandma!
She thinks blacks should know their place!
Racist Grandma! Racist Grandma!
She thinks queers come from Outer Space!

She calls Jose’ a wetback spic!
She told Colin he’s a dirty mic!
There is no race she does like.
She even called my boy a greedy kike!

Oh! Racist Grandma! Racist Grandma!
Don’t you know that times have changed?
Racist Grandma! Racist Grandma!
Why do other folks get you enraged?

She wouldn’t pay Jan to dig a hole
cause she won’t trust a filthy Pole!
He had it out, with Mrs. Von Naught,
and called her a drunken Kraut!

Oh yeah! Racist Grandma! Racist Grandma!
Will you ever change?
Racist Grandma! Racist Grandma!
Your opinions are deranged!



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