The Whelk – John Leavitt

June 22, 2009

In which diplomacy fails

Filed under: Scenes From Nonexistent Novels — John Leavitt @ 10:28 pm

Lady Cortez-Lee and Lord Galliano-Lee put on their suits and descended to to the Diplomatic Chamber.  They’re both pretty tired, the Lord had spent the entire afternoon with the Apaic Alliance Of West Africa and the Lady spent  3 days listening to the Pacific Kings sing of problems and status  and the new laws concerning krill production and farming.
While the Pacfic or Bayleen Kings are vital to to the Free Atlantic food industry, they are  awfully musty,  and tradition demands a a full 78-hour discussion.  In Whalesong.   No Breaks.  So she was understandably tired   ….which may account for the problems and the chaos of later, but we’ll never know.  Anyway they arrived at Chambers with Princess Ee and Master Oeeo at around 13 Hour Nova Honolulu Time.

It started off fine, the Delphic Empire is still very segregated, so Lady Cortez-Lee spoke only to Princess Ee and Lord Gallinao-Lee spoke only to Master Oeeo.  It is not known what, exactly, was discussed, the records have been lost. But ..after the ritual offering of Salmon and Beef, Princess Ee became very upset and refused to acknowledge the authority of Lady Cortez-Lee.  Master Oeeo was,  as far as we know, alone with Lord Galliano-Lee at the Chambers.

According to reports,  Princess Ee was so upset at the Lady’s proposal of a Mid-Atlantic farming ridge agreement that she stormed out of the meeting.  Other reports say that Lady Cortez mentioned the sponge on the Princesss’ nose and made a  ..very dirty comment in Delphic  and this caused the Princess to cut her oxygen tube and almost kill Lady Cortez-Lee.  The Lord was unable to be reached,  but gossip says he was caught in mid activity with Master Oeeo.  The kind of action strictly frowned upon in the Diplomatic cores.  Other reports say they just had an argument, and still shared the Beef Offering.

It doesn’t really matter.  We all have to live with the results.  The Tuna farms are a mess,  the Shrimp blockade, and our own Chicken Farms are hurting. The Delphic Empire’s new found lust for “traditional” food and boycott of “Land Fish” have really hurt our  farmers. Actual out and out war would be impossible, of course,  the Deep Ones would make sure of that,  but the Apaic Alliance is getting upset and trying to get the Corvids to join in,  but thankfully,  the Corvids aren’t big joiners.


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