The Whelk – John Leavitt

June 24, 2009

Song Poem/Phone a Tune

Filed under: Lyrics Without Music — John Leavitt @ 9:11 pm

(Open with a buzzing sound)

I gotta hummin’ and a buzzin’ going on in my brain
It’s just about enough to drive a man insane!
Oh what’s my torment,  oh baby can’t you see?
The buzzing is caused by invisible space bees!


Oh Space Bees! They live in my head!
Space Bees! Better off dead!
Space Bees just can’t quit! Busy makin’ honey from the thoughts I transmit!

Oh dodododdahdadum!

Far beyond time and space, the bees came from a strange little place
They don’t like flowers, they don’t like pollen
these bees prefer my Corpus Callosum!

I don’t think it’s strange to have a bugs in me
Just look around and you will see
that everyone can feel the buzz of the bees.
So kick your feet and pound that drum!
Gotta get down to the space-age hum!

Add another chorus and it’s a dance hit.


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