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July 10, 2009

Automatic Inspiration #2

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The results, of AI #1 are in. Lipstick Thespian wins, but it was hard to choose. I liked them all from the comment thread and from the Metachat thread.


“So now he tells me. Like any damn fool who happened by wouldn’t have seen automatically that everyone attending the wedding looked EXACTLY LIKE everyone else attending the wedding.

I told Oversight when we got back that the team all left the tunnel too fast.

“Saturation is effective,” they said, “if you follow the arc we laid out, proper dispersal is assured.”

No. What you get when no one minds Tunnel Traffic Control is a wedding of the two same goddamn people, and the same two goddamn people all attending that wedding, together.

Sorry, gotta go. This picture is already setting off the redlines off. Yeah, I know, I know, hon. Next week – beer’s on me. I promise. Tell Kaley I miss her.”

But now Onward and upward with a new AI


Your seed phrase is “The Key is the Key.”


June 29, 2009

Automatic Inspiration #1

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Okay so here’s the deal. In an effort to harness  the creative engery of the internet, I’ll occasionally post one *thing* and ask all you funemployed types to make a *thing* about it. A  story, a pitch idea, a song,  a joke, a comic, whatever about it in the comments section. These will stay open indefinitely  but I’ll post the best *thing* if everything goes well.

The picture above was found at Ugly Luggage in Brooklyn and bought for two dollars.  There is nothing on the back. You must include the phrase or idea “They really shouldn’t have been there, considering.”

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